Rory Franklin


21 March 2013 - London

After an incredibly long time of having no website, or at least a website that was a placeholder for something planned but never appeared, I’ve finally gotten my act together to put something up.

The layout was kindly put together by my colleague Ed Boaden. I don’t really have the design chops to put something together myself but I am learning, so maybe this will change at some point in the future!

What am I looking to do with this website?

The plan for this website is for me to have a place to highlight some of the work I do as well as ramble on about things in general. People I work with know that I love to ramble on for hours about things I find interesting, even if they don’t. This is probably a far better place for me to dump those ideas!

What kind of magic runs this website?

This site has been put together using the wonderful Jekyll static-site generator. It is running on Heroku because that is a great platform for me to get something up and running without worrying about complicated configuration or managing my own hosting.

Posts are written in Markdown which is a nice tool to convert text into HTML.

Eventually (if I can figure out how to), I’m going to convert the stylesheets I’m using in to Sass because it is a really nice way to generate CSS with some great extensions on top of vanilla CSS.

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